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Daily Heroes • 2017 rpg

Paul J Hodgeson • no link

Requirements: One (plus) section of newspaper for each player and the Editor (GM).
Setup: Choose a theme/setting (or not)
	Players take some time (15min) to scan through their section and highlight/underline words or phrases which may define their character's attributes/characteristics/traits/skills/equipment/spells or abilities...  Also, select a name and character portrait from the paper. (Interpretation is up to the group/editor (play loose for more fun))
	At the same time the Editor will scan through a section of their paper to select a setup/goal/set pieces/twists/NPCs/ideas... for the session.
	After initial set up take some time to narrow highlighted sections to approx. 10 to create character and cut out and attach to paper to create defined character sheet.  (Adding flavor text and doodling on pictures is encouraged)

Play: (Use character with your favorite system or use (simple) rules below)
	When use of relevant skills/abilities are invoked to perform action in question set target number based on difficulty of action and emphasis of skill  section and roll your favorite die under/over (e.g. d6 under #).  
	(optional) Forfeit relevant ability to automatically succeed.

Author Comments

I have not play-tested this but did run trials on character generation (which is really what this is about). Feel free to flex the set up times to fit your group. I had a lot of fun and think it would be interesting to play at least as a one-shot. I hope to bring this to the table soon and see the hilarity. Thanks to RPG Geek and everything I have read in the interim since coming back to RPGs.

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