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Your Honored Guest • 2017 rpg

Jared • twitter.com/unosarta

///You gather to celebrate Your Honored Guest.
You feast.
And now you must share your stories.///

{Read the Text aloud as you play.}

{Sit in a circle. Keep the image of Your Honored Guest firmly planted in your mind. Do NOT say Their name. Do NOT describe Their flesh.}

{Starting with the oldest member and moving left, tell a story of Your Honored Guest:
 • When you first met Them
 • When They hurt you, or you Them
 • When They helped you, or you Them
 • When you saw Them last

Focus on how you felt, how Your Honored Guest made you feel. Focus on the picture of that memory. If someone else in the circle was there, you may ask them to help describe it.

If your stories contradict each other, that’s fine. Remember that Your Honored Guest is everyone’s; They don’t belong just to you.}

{When you finish your stories, take a minute to be silent together; write down the names you associate with Your Honored Guest.}

{When you are ready, starting with the youngest and moving right, say the names aloud.}

{When you are done, let your Honored Guest free. 
May They rest in peace.}

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