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Mic Drop • 2017 rpg

Andy Berdan • http://twitter.com/andyberdan

Mic Drop; 3 players, 1 GM, played over twitter:
- Players make new twitter accounts for Characters
- GM makes one for The Band
- Together: answer The Band questions
- Individually: answer Character questions publicly
- Never break character
- GM posts one open-ended Event per day for 30 days (see below)
- GM & Characters react to what happens in real time.

The Band:
- Genre?
- Name?
- Album?
- Tour name?

Character 1: Leader
You keep The Band on task and working. Sometimes they listen.
- Why do you and The Drummer refuse to share hotel rooms?
- Why did you hide The Talent’s favourite instrument?

Character 2: Drummer
Your emotions are way closer to the surface than most. Fuck ‘em if they can’t deal.
- You don’t follow. How does that piss off The Leader?
- Why does The Talent infuriate you?

Character 3: Talent
You're better than everyone else in The Band. Don’t let them forget it.
- How does The Leader’s jealousy manifest?
- What caused The Drummer to ignore you for a week?

- Events should be in question format.
- Each Event assumes a single new bad thing.
- Samples:
  - Why did The Band have to cancel a show?
  - A lot of people walked out of last night's show. Why?

Author Comments

Mic Drop is a game that follows a month in the life of a dumpster fire of a band on a train wreck of an album tour. Played exclusively on social media.

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