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Four Cups of Tea • 2017 rpg

Matt Hayles •

A woodcutter and a priest are found murdered. 
The magistrate interrogates the suspects.

Players: 4
Materials: Four cups of dark tea. One coin, marking the poisoned cup. 

Setup: Declare your character (the Bandit Toshiro, the Wife Machiko, the Samurai Masayuki, the Magistrate Akutagawa). Players close their eyes. The Magistrate opens their eyes, places the coin in one cup, pours the tea and distributes the cups. Players open their eyes. The Magistrate chooses who speaks first.

*On your turn, explain what transpired and point the finger at the murderer. 
*To take over the story, shout “That’s not how it was!”. Explain what really happened. 
*To make what you said true, shout “Are you calling me a liar?” and drink your tea.
*To make the speaker’s story true, say “that is how it was” and trade cups with the speaker. 

If you drink your tea you are pardoned and leave the game. If you drink the poisoned cup you die. If you are left alone with the Magistrate, he arrests you.

*Samurai: Take the blame instead of your Wife. 
*Bandit: Escape scot-free.
*Wife: Trick your husband into drinking the poison.
*Magistrate: Pardon the Samurai and his Wife.

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