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Myrathine • 2017 rpg

C.Funken • no link

A nameless protector spirit of the forested island Myrathine notices strange invaders on its shores that have begun to destroy the island ecosystem.
The player assumes control of the spirit and has to fight back against the human settlement and its relentless robotic workers to protect the island from destruction.
However, the spirit has no corporeal form and must possess wildlife or humans in order to affect the physical world.
Possessing wildlife allows for direct combat with the robots, but each killed animal vessel will damage the ecosystem as well.
Possessed humans are never attacked by their robots, but must find clever noncombat solutions to encounters since the humans themselves cannot fight.
The situation gets increasingly complicated as the motivation of the humans is slowly revealed over time.
They have to destroy the island and harness a strange power that slumbers beneath it in order to save the rest of the world from annihilation.
The spirit can then either ally itself to a destruction opposed, middle ground seeking splinter faction among the humans, continue the campaign against all human invaders, help them destroy the island to save the world or try and claim the slumbering power for itself.

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