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On the seventh day Gods had finished... • 2017 rpg

Grubby • no link

You all are Gods. Choose your domain, describe your character and favorite depiction.
You all barely defeated Titans, but they’ll be back. You gather to create a world to
determine who most powerful one – he will lead you in the next battle against Titans. Describe how your new world looks like so far.

You think that God on your left will deal with Titans better. He is now your Oracle.

During your turn:

Give the world something empowering our domain, then modify the previous thing created, so it will compliment either your, or your Oracle’s domain;

or tell a myth that will strengthen your Oracle’s position as a leader, or mock other God. After a myth is told every God can choose a new Oracle for himself.

Now it’s the player on your lefts’ turn.

Whenever something builds up your domain’s strength, give yourself a point.

Each day begins on a random God, as he adds something to the developing world. The day ends on the same God, as he modifies most recent creation.

After six days the world is complete. Titans come back, prepared to fight. God(s) with most points determine the outcome of the confrontation.

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