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Dragon Draughts & the Mug of Wonder • 2017 rpg

David Brown • no link

Dwarves are known for drinking, potions are mysterious, the alien bar is exotic, and PCs are boastful.   There are times where drinking something unusual is part of the game.

The GM will need a blender and a wide variety of ingredients on hand.  Make substitutions as needed.  The GM does not have to drink for NPCs.  You may pre-mix drinks.

Roll for each column, mix, blend on high, and serve.  Use small amounts of the ingredients!  

	Base	Heat	Sweet	Supplement	Alcohol (optional)
1	Coffee	Chili powder	Snickers	Pureed banana	Kahlua
2	Tea	Cumin	Peanut butter cups	Protein powder	Crème de Menthe
3	Ginger Ale	Cayenne powder	Dissolved hard candy (in boiling water)	Powdered milk	Vodka
4	Yogurt or kefir	Crushed garlic 	Oreos or cookie	Potato chips or flakes	Cinnamon Schnapps
5	Full fat milk or cream	Pureed green chilies	Brownie	Blended cereal	Blue Curacao
6	Orange juice	Hot sauce	Chocolate chips	Hardboiled egg	Grenadine
7		Curry powder	Ice cream	Chipped Dry Ice	
8		Cinnamon oil	Roll twice	Nuts	
9		Crushed red pepper			
10		Salsa			

A player may appoint a champion to drink for them.  

It is not possible to test ALL combinations; use common sense.  Ask about allergies.

Author Comments

This should be 198 words. If for some strange reason it is over 200, could you cut the last sentence?

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