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Carry On • 2017 rpg

Daniel Fowler • @DF_WideCode

Every player writes two or three encounters on note cards and places them in the center.

Pick a captain.  

The others claim an officer position (Gunnery, Crew, Navigation, Science) and one to three dice from the pool.  

The captain describes the mission, ship and an opening scene. 

The players may RP freely. 

Eventually an officer picks an encounter and describes the scene. The captain decides the course of action (who rolls) but should allow the officers to advise.  Any officer who supported the choice may contribute a +1.

Roll Results:  the rolling officer...
10+: describes the successful outcome.
7-9: picks a new encounter and describes how the scene changes.
6-: describes the failure.  Another officer must sacrifice one of their dice and describe how they fix the situation.  The captain picks if there is no volunteers.

The ship is lost if all dice are sacrificed.

Free RP resumes.

The mission ends after all officers have picked or there are no more encounters.  

The captain may praise or critique any officer he wishes in their final report.  

Dice Pool = 2xPlayers

Example Encounter: 
A privateer frigate following in our wake.
An alien artifact attaches to the ship!
Distress signal!

Author Comments

I originaly wrote this for a sci-fy space ship sort of setting but it could be used with any commander and crew style vessel or situation.

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