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Healthcare • 2017rpg

Eli Jozsef •

You’re doctors. Every session there’s a patient.
Doctors must read and swear to uphold the Hippocratic Oath.
Shuffle standard playing cards. Each doctor draws 12 cards, selects one, adds it to hand, and passes the rest to the left. Repeat process until doctors have 12 cards in hand.
Clubs: Intelligence, diagnoses, analysis.
Diamonds: Prestige, procedures, money.
Hearts: Humanity, talking, morality.
Spades: Chance, revelations, hope.
Value 2-14: Difficulty
    Example: Doctor talks to patient to find out more, and GM sets the difficulty as Hearts-8.
    To accomplish something, doctors draw 5 cards from hand, and use them to total the value or higher in that suit, using as few cards as possible. Discard after. When 5 cards aren’t in hand, shuffle discard into new hand.
Doctors may break the Hippocratic Oath, to automatically succeed (1/Session). After, if they:
Think it was better than failure. -Spade, +Club.
Don’t care. -Heart, + Diamond.
Can’t justify it. -Diamond, +Heart.
Believe nothing could be done. -1 Club, +1 Spade.

Doctors earn 1 experience when:
They fail.
Patients die.
They learn.
They uphold the Hippocratic Oath (1/Session).
    Doctors add one card of a chosen suit (randomly determined value) to their hand when they reach 4 experience. 


Author Comments

Inspired by shows like Scrubs and House M.D.

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