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Splice • 2017 rpg

Michael Wenman • vulpinoid.blogspot.com

In the Sacred Laboratory, conflict is inevitable.
  Players: Splicers
  Cards: Genomes
  Jokers: Wild
  Standard deck

Splicers dealt seven starting Genomes
Remaining Genomes are “Feral”  
Two phases: “Hunt” and “Lab”

  Splicers make a pile of seven Genomes, placed face down
  Feral Genome revealed from deck
  Feral determines hunt location…
    (Hearts/Mutagenic Forest, Diamonds/Icy Tundra, Clubs/Desolate Ruins, Spades/Cursed Wasteland)
  Declare Hunters
  Five Genomes flipped from deck, added to Feral hand.
  Hunters each roll d6, remove this many cards from the top of their Genome pile, and place on the bottom.
  Hunters draw top five Genomes, compare with each other and best 5-card Feral hand (as Poker Hands). Highest Splicer claims the Feral. If Feral highest, it escapes.
  Splicers not Hunting may trade a Genome for a random replacement

  Splicers may trade Genomes
  Splicer with most Genomes may be accused of heresy (combat with accuser as per a Hunt). Other Splicers may loan a Genome to either combatant after die is rolled but before Genomes are revealed. Losing Splicer banished, their Genomes become Feral

Game ends when a Feral is unable to make 5-card hand (most Genomes wins), or only one Splicer left in lab unbanished.

Author Comments

A game of predators and politics for beings known various as Splicers (if only because the names “Engineers”, “Progenitors”, “Genestealers”, and “Hive Queens” are covered by assorted trademark restrictions).

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