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Living With Humans • 2017 rpg

WinterWombat •

You play as magical shapeshifting animals pretending to be humans in the modern world. You can shift between your human and animal form, and use magic to create illusions, manipulate nature, or do other trickster-ish things. 

You have two stats, called Mundane and Myth. Both start at 1.  

Whenever you try to do something difficult, roll 1d6 and add one of your stats; use mundane if you solve the problem through regular human means, use Myth if you solve the problem with your magic or your animal side. If the total is 6 or higher, you succeed. If the die rolls a 6, increase the stat you used by 1. 

If your Mundane reaches 5, you become fully human, lose your powers, and forget about ever being an animal. If your Myth reaches 5, you become an invisible spirit, and use your magic to play tricks on humans.

GMs, choose one thing from each list below and describe how each is a problem:
Mundane: Home, Money, Job, Love, Friends, Law 
Myth: Spirit, Debt, Curse, Monster, Shrine, Dream

Play until you resolve both problems, or all characters reach 5 in one of their stats.

Author Comments

Is this a game about wacky magic animal shenanigans or about how even the wonder of magic is crushed under the grind of day-to-day life in modern society? Possibly it is just a game about an ordinary magical panda person trying to buy groceries on a busy day, and finding out just what happens when the store is out of canned bamboo shoots. Only you can say for certain.

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