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Reign over Hell • 2017 rpg

Cal Wilks • no link

You are Devils, Squabbling over Hell.

Choose some adversaries, 3 candles each, and writing implements.

Declare a True Name, your twisted Form and the three Greatest Playthings under your Dominion. Each lights 3 Candles to represent these.

Form a Circle. Inscribe a Glyph by marking a Line connecting each Devil. Starting with the Greatest among you and cycling leftwards, a Devil names another Devil. They both write either Contempt or Wrath on a scrap of paper, then reveal what was written.

If One declares Wrath, they take a Plaything from the other, who states how.

If both declare Wrath, Each Devil loses a Plaything. They both describe how they destroyed the other's Playthings.

If both have written Contempt, each restores a lost Domain.

If none declare Wrath in a full rotation of the Circle, the conflict subsides, and the Devil with the most Playthings reigns Supreme.

If a Devil ever has more than Five Playthings, one Rebels and is destroyed. Describe why.

If a Devil has no Playthings, his last Hope is begging the Heavens for forgiveness before being torn asunder by lost souls. Either Pray for Salvation, or Spite Him one last time. He will Accept, either way.

Author Comments

When designing this, I realized that it would inevitably descend into brutal destruction since I couldn’t make Accepting a powerful enough option as a resolution mechanic. I then realized that wasn’t actually as big a problem as I thought.

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