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THINGS BEYOND • 2017 rpg


The religions of the world protect humanity from extradimensional horrors with their rituals, ceremonies, and secret societies. Their conflicts are a result of our lost perspective on the THINGS BEYOND, and True Heretics seek this chaos to invite the THINGS BEYOND.

True faith is a powerful force that blocks out more sinister feelings; The feeling of being watched, the feeling of unease at being alone, paranoia, and insanity are simply the symptoms of a much darker manifestation.

You are a SHIELD OF FAITH. Your reasons are between you and the THINGS BEYOND, but you are protecting humanity; your job is to 	WITNESS, SEAL, and RESTORE.

WITNESSING means seeing, and surviving the Things Beyond.

SEALING means hiding, closing, or destroying a conduit to the Things Beyond.

RESTORING means an act kindness, a reparation, or a soul journey.

Any time you RESTORE, SEAL, or WITNESS, you gain either POWER or INSIGHT.

POWER is a temporary boon and is physical, mental, or magical; strength, stroke of genius, or magic.

INSIGHT is permanent knowledge from Things Beyond; INSIGHT is often needed to fight THINGS BEYOND.

For when an outcome isn't apparent, roll 2d6. <6 fails with consequences, 7-10 succeeds with consequences, 11-12 succeeds resoundingly.

Author Comments

First attempt at a Lovecraftian game, plan on expanding it.

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