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Ufology For Beginners • 2017 rpg

Jack Rosetree • https://voidgarlic.wordpress.com/

Near future. Most people work as internet streaming performers, dub yodeling tops of the music charts, a poorly-executed secret alien invasion attempts to take control of the earth. Untrained UFO pilots crash sporadically across the landscape, ineffectively disguised aliens attempt to feed humans artificial sweeteners to kill them with obesity, and mind controlled zoo animals refuse to do interesting things for their crowds. But most individuals believe these things to be guerrilla and viral marketing efforts by big budget movie studios to garner interest in their latest summer block buster.

You know the truth. The invasion is real. You will stop it.

Name your character.

Each letter in your name gives you a skill: Athletics, Business, Composure, Deception, Empathy, Firearms, Gambling, Hacking, Improvisation, Judo, Knowledge, Linguistics, Medicine, Negotiate, Observation, Persuasion, Quantum Physics, Repair, Streetwise, Thievery, Ufology, Vehicles, Weapons, Xenobiology, Yodeling, Zookeeping.

When attempting to overcome a challenge, roll a d20 against a difficulty number (0 for trivial, 5 for Easy, 10 for average, 15 for difficult, 20 for extraordinary). For each time a skill appears in your name, add +4 to the result. If making an untrained check, subtract the number of letters in your name from the result.


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