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Death Metal • 2017 rpg

TalkinNerdy •

You play a Death Metal band:

Characters include; Singer, Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer.

Singer gets a d12  
Bassist gets d4s
Guitarist gets d6s
Drummer gets d10s

Start with two monsters.

The Singer rolls a d20 and hands out dice to members of the band in any combination where the number of dice adds up to the number rolled. 

The band may roll each dice in any order, if the total goes over the hit points of the monster, it dies and subtracts one from all future d20s rolled, this accumulates. Two new monsters appear. 

If there are hit points left, Monsters may be combined with one new monster to make a monstrosity which combines the hit points of the two monsters.

If the band's rolls equal the hit points, the monster dies. 

The Singer rolls again when all dice are used up. If Singer's roll is 0 or negative, the game ends. Total monster destruction at anytime ensures the next tour, otherwise glorious death!

d8 Monsters and Hit Points;
1 Headless Bat 20
2 Cannibalistic Corpse 30
3 Succubus 40
4 Whores of Babylon 25x2
5 Lying Xes 40x2
6 The Unnamed 90
7 Doubt 100
8 Iron Man 120

Author Comments

Enjoy! You ROCK!

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