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StarFry Adventures • 2017 rpg

Matt Bohnhoff •

Needed: paper, pencil, friends, fries

Welcome, new member of the StarFry collective! StarFry vendors dispense hot crispy starch rods on stations orbiting every world from Omicron to Polaris.

Wash your hands, everyone.

Record your name.

You will excel in your new job with these skills:
Customer Service (taking orders)
Maintenance (cleaning)
Production (frying food)

Fill out your self-evaluation, dividing 7 points between the skills. Each must have at least 1.

Your General Manager will assign you a task. Describe how you do it. He will judge how difficult your action is on a scale from 1-4. Randomly pick a number of fries from a bag equal to your relevant skill. Compare them to fries he draws, equal to the difficulty. If the GM has the longest fry, he will describe how you fail. If you have the longest fry, you have control. Describe partial success with a complication and you may bank one of your fries for later. Consume any un-banked fries.

Your tasks may seem mundane at first but tend to lead to unexpected excitement. While stocking the deep-freeze, Max Moonbottom once discovered a pocket dimension populated by Potatoids! There is never a dull shift at StarFry.

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