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Snitch • 2017 rpg

Eric Christensen • no link

4-6 Players

One player is a cop who tries to arrest a mobster.
All other players are mobsters.

The cop rolls two four-sided die in secret for each mobster to determine how much evidence they have against each.

The cop takes a mobster into a separate room for interrogation. The other mobsters may plot together during interrogations.

The cop can disclose as much or as little information as they like and may lie.

Interrogated mobsters can:
Deny- if evidence against you is four or more, it goes up by one 

Take the fall- evidence against all other mobsters goes down by one, evidence against you goes up by three

Snitch- all evidence against you counts against a different mobster instead.

If at any time the evidence against a mobster is nine or more the cop can make an arrest.

The game ends when each mobster has been interrogated a maximum of three times or the cop makes an arrest.

If no arrest has been made the mobsters go free and they win the game

If a mobster is arrested he loses. However he can accuse another mobster of snitching on him and, if correct, the snitch loses as well.

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