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Dice Mafia • 2017 rpg

Mathgeek • no link

Everybody is different. Sometimes you need to look past the face and into the mind to see what potential a person has. Sometimes, you need to do the exact opposite.

Players are Mafiosos, all vying to become the next Godfather. Each player gets assigned a Weapon, a Hideaway, and a Buff. Each Mafioso has five health. Each turn, that Mafioso chooses another one to "erase". Attackers use their Weapon dice and defenders use their Hideaway dice. Resolve Buffs. Whoever rolls lower loses one health, then play passes. In a tie, both players lose health. Once one Mafioso is left standing, they win. Discussion, networking, alliances, rivalries, and grudges are encouraged, since creating a family to do your bidding and to eliminate competition is what being a Godfather is all about.

Weapon Examples

Hideaway Examples

Buff Examples
Attack get +1
Rolls get +2 at 1 Health
Pass Turn to Heal 1

All dice, numbers, and stats are totally customizable. For high-octane combat, consider having strong Weapons than Hideaways and offensive Buffs; for longer, strategic games, consider setting Weapons and Hideaways about equal, and add in Buffs that preserve health.

First-to-3 series are encouraged.

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