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Might Makes Right: Muscle Marines in Space • 2017 rpg finalist

Chris •

You are Muscle Marines, charged with keeping the universe awesome.

The strongest player is the Muscle Master (MM), who runs the game, describing situations and people. 

Everyone else is a Muscle Marine. Name your Marine and write down four personality traits, six skills, and a Muscle Marine Profession (e.g. Muscle Pilot, Muscle Negotiator, Muscle Tactician).
When you are in conflict, arm wrestle the MM. If a skill or profession applies to the conflict, use your good arm, otherwise use your bad arm (when mismatched, use palm to back of hand). If you win, your character overcomes the obstacle. If you lose, do 10 push-ups (seven if you are roleplaying a personality trait) and continue play. If you can’t finish the full set, you must hit the showers and are out of the game.
Muscle Missions
1.       Rescue a space gym from the Evil Beancounter Alliance.
2.       Help the Fitness Federation move into a cool new pad.
3.       Throw a Spacetacular party for your buds at the beach (watch out for space sharks).
4.       Put a stop to the SpaceSteroid Crisis of 2374.
5.       Bring the great science of healthy eating to Gluttonia

Author Comments

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Judge Comments

Finally a game for the middle of the Nerd/Jock Venn Diagram. An RPG where everyone is musclebound and everything is resolved through feats of strength. Not only a funny and novel way to resolve conflict but one where player interaction is heightened through the fact that you are all trying to work (out) together. Hits all the great notes for a micro RPG: Creativity, simplicity, but still recognizably a role playing game. - Jef and Jon

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