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Hopes and Traumas • 2017 rpg

Aleksandra Sontowska •

You are adventurers, vagrants, murderhobos. Make up why you work together.
You just left the dungeon. Are you wounded? Was it a success? It’s time to come back to Town and rest. 

Player: Create a character.

Adventurer’s nickname.
Profession [fighter, wizard, rogue].
When I sense danger I always [draw sword, attack from surprise, cast spell, other].
In town I look for [love, medical help, absolution, oblivion, respect, other].
Before the game choose a number between 2 and 9. 

During play:
Say what you do and what you want to get and roll 1d10.
Roll number or above to act Forceful. Roll number or lower to Resist. 
Success: you do it and get what you want. 
Failure: something goes badly, GM will tell you what. 
If your profession is relevant, expect that you couldn’t control your strenght: the consequences are unexpected and undesirable.

Ask about their dreams and traumas.
Paint the town as sleepy and nice.
Present townsfolk as friendly.
Present townsfolk as anxious.
Ask about the people they meet.
Offer deceptive promises.
Provoke with deceptive danger. 
Limit what they may achieve.

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