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Scry and Rescue • 2017 rpg

Jesse W Cox • no link

Adults cannot enter the Wardrobe Realms.  Only children can save children.

GM & 3-5 players.
Everyone creates one Wardrobe faction -- Snow Queen, Dwarves, Quaddies, Dragons, Playing Cards, Pirates… then name the Realm.

Each child agent survived and escaped a Wardrobe Realm, once.
Pick two factions & fellow agents, and say for each if you are a...

Fortress -- calls, strengthen them.
Friend -- knows, act like them. 
Fright -- commands, harms them.

When you face your past, suffer: (pick your usual three)
Fear, recklessness, anger, depression, emotional shutdown, reenactment, regression, guilt, paranoia, defiance, obsession, pleasure-seeking.

The Agency is: Government (CPS?), Private Business, Clandestine, Church or Charity

The Agency seeks the Lost Child.  You must...

Find: are they hidden, transformed, guarded, integrated?
Free: bargain, fight, perform ritual, sneak.
Escape: flee, destroy, barricade, trick pursuers. 
Return: reintegrate, enlist, study, or mourn the lost.

...but the Scrying was: incomplete, misleading, compromised (by who?), years out of date (time dilation).

When you face trials, roll:
1d6 for each agent in danger.
1d6 for each relationship acted on.
Pairs succeed, or stave off complications or PTSD reactions.
Runs of 3+ create upcoming problems.
Triples create new relationships -- or stop PTSD even if alone.

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