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On Cuddling Dragons: A Primer for Beginners • 2017 rpg

Wendy Gorman • no link

It is a well known fact that slaying a dragon is very difficult. Cuddling one presents a whole new set of challenges! They’re spiny and thorny and tough, and they occasionally breathe fire or spit acid. Here’s a brief guide to help you through your difficult (but rewarding!) pursuit.

Step 1: Find an appropriate dragon to cuddle. (Find someone to play this larp with you)

Step 2: Go over the various parts of the dragon. Ask your dragon companion what parts of them are sharp, which parts should be avoided, etc. (The person playing the dragon should take this opportunity to tape weird, uncuddleable objects to their body. You’ll need a lot of tape. Suggestions include: Spoons. Toothpicks. Sandpaper. A tinfoil helmet. Leather work gloves. A pot on your head. Double sided tape. Boots. Etc.)

Step 3: The dragon lies on the floor curled up in a ball. You attempt to wrap yourself around the dragon. Try not to hurt yourself on the sharp bits. (The person playing the dragon should not make any attempt to be more cuddleable.)

Step 4: Bask in the knowledge that you are cuddling a dragon. (You lucky bastard.)

Author Comments

I just really love dragons ok

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