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Party Wizards • 2017 rpg

Ross Cowman • @rosscowman


–Pictures cut from Magic Cards
–Colored Pens
–2–4 Friends
–Sheet of paper

2.Make Wizards
–Choose a pen. This is your color of magic.
–Choose your picture and glue it to a notecard.
–Write your wizard name. Your wizard name is an anagram of your real name.
–Write down the emotion that powers your color of magic.

Take turns introducing ourselves and how we met.

3.Craft Spells
We all craft spells for 10–15 minutes. 

For each spell:
–Glue picture to notecard
–Write down trait(s): Sorcery, Enchantment, Minion, Artifact, Fast, Glitter.
–Name your spell

When we are done, shuffle the spells together.

On your Turn
1. Draw a spell
2. Choose 1 action:
–Discover a place: Glue a picture to the map, name it, and tell us what it is like
–Host a party: Choose a place, describe who is there and what is going on. Everyone contributes, but you decide when the party ends.
–Craft a spell: and add it to your hand

Anyone can: 
–Arrive at or Leave the party
–Cast a spell: Discard a spell, describe what happens
–Listen, Ask Questions, Trade Spells
–Call "last round"


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