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Rubble • 2017 rpg

SailEars • no link

You have survived the apocalypse. The wastes around you has taken its toll on your group. Between the bandits, starvation, and hunting creatures, you and the other survivors must make sacrifices to protect those that are left; your family and loved ones.

4-Sided Die (d4)

1. Each player writes down their character name and 3 Things on a note-card. These “Things” can include anything the players can think of in a group of survivors. At least one should include another survivor in the group.  
	Something to Protect 
	Something to Keep Secret
	Something Worth Fighting For

2. Danger has struck, roll the d4 to determine it.
	1. Bandits
	2. Starvation
	3. Creature
	4. Equipment Failure

3. Discuss with the others what the danger is and who should face the it. The players have 10 minutes for this. The player(s) who face the danger take a coin. If none of the players face it, cross one item off of a note-card.

4. The game ends when one player gains 5 coins, when a total of 12 Things have been crossed out, or when one player has crossed out all of their things.

Author Comments

Main source of inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQx1kbUbgaQ And heavy influence from Fiasco.

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