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Trapped in Deep 7 • 2017 rpg

William J. (B.J.) Altman • http://krendel.net/

“Catastrophic failure detected. Implosion imminent. Evacuate station.”

You’ve almost escaped the undersea lab when… SABOTAGE! You must repair the escape pod before time runs out.

	1 film canister per person
	Alka-Seltzer tablets
	Eye protection
	Small jigsaw puzzle
Everyone chooses a role:
	Captain: Gives orders, works canisters
	Scientists: Finds pieces
	Engineers: Places pieces

Act according to your role but only as the Captain directs. Working like this, solve the puzzle to repair the pod. If there is no one left to fill a role, you can share a role (e.g. if no Captain, a Scientist can take charge).

Each canister begins half full of water. 

Put half a tablet in one canister. Snap on the lid. Turn it upside down. GO! 

If you don't get the lid on right and water spills out, STOP. You don’t close an airlock correctly and drown.

When the canister explodes, STOP. Part of Deep 7 implodes from water pressure. If the canister hits you, a bolt comes loose from water pressure, flies across the room, and kills you.

Start another canister. GO!

If all the canisters explode before you solve the puzzle, Deep 7 implodes, killing everyone.

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