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Chieftain • 2017 rpg

Chris Kinniburgh • Twitter.com/cjkinni

2-6 players.

Place a handful of paperclips in the center of the table.  For each player, add five additional paperclips. The paperclips are resources from the local mine.

Each player starts with a d6 with 3 face up in front of them.  This represents the population of their village.

Go around the table clockwise, and say when you were last angry enough to yell or slam your fist. The player to the left of the most recently angry player begins.

On a player's turn, she uses a number of adventures equal to one more than their town's population.

Each adventure may be used in one of three ways:

- Take a resource from the mine.
- Turn one of your resources into a weapon by folding it into a spear.
- Discard a resources to gain a population, up to six.
- Attack another player with any number of your spears:

The attacker choses any number of their spears to attack.
The defender uses any number of their resources as shields.
The defender discards their used shields. The attacker discards an equal number of their attacking spears.
The defender loses population equal to the number of remaining attacking spears.

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