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Amnesia Llamas • 2017 rpg

Crystal Pisano • @CrystalPisano

Needed: 4-6 players, small toy water guns, note cards, writing utensils.

Each player writes down the names of three famous people (fictional or real) onto note cards. Cards are shuffled and one is given to each player. Players hold their card face out so they can’t see their true identity. Each player is given a water gun to enable the ability to ‘spit’ on other llamas.

You were all once celebrities/historical figures. You have ended up together at a petting zoo, transformed into llamas. You cannot remember your original identities.

Everyone must figure out who they are. You are not allowed to ask questions (with one exception, noted below); rather, you must make statements to the group. If your statement is something the group believes your true identity would or could say, they should ‘spit’ on you. The group may not give spoken hints. If too many llamas talk at once, people will become suspicious. The only questions allowed are formal identity guesses. Each llama may make only three formal guesses per game.

The game ends when all llamas successfully guess their true identity, use their three guesses, or run out of spit.

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