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Meddling Kids • 2017 rpg

William J. (B.J.) Altman • http://krendel.net/

Assemble in the clubhouse. We’ve got a mystery!
The Game Master runs the mystery, describing scenes, playing antagonists, and giving clues. Create the case by rolling d6 each for Client, Assignment, Stage, and Evildoer:
Client: authority, classmate, neighbor, parent, pet, traveler
Assignment: haunting, missing item, missing person, murder, treasure map, vandalism
Stage: carnival, church, library, mall, school, station
Evildoer: bully, chance, cultists, pet, professional, victim
Players are kid detectives. Make one by assigning 0, 1, 2, and 3 to skills: Conversation, Larceny, Understanding, and Exertion. Adults get d6 more points!

Say it, do it. If in doubt, roll d6. If equal or under 2 + your skill - difficulty, you get # successes equal to the number on the die. If targeting someone, difficulty is their skill.
Conversation: Successes = clues someone may tell you or hours they will believe or help you.
Larceny: Open a lock, filch an item, or successes = minutes you go unnoticed.
Understanding: Successes = minutes target is distracted or clues you may learn from a scene.
Exertion: Lift something, run away, or successes = damage (4 damage and they’re out! 10 for adults) or minutes you pin someone.
Acting simultaneously? D6 for who’s first. Otherwise, flow with the conversation.

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