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The Delve • 2017 rpg

Alex Chalk •

Describe your character in up to 6 sentences, devoting 1 or 2 to each:
- Their humdrum background
- Why they delve
- Their greatest fear
- Their equipment

Roll 3d6, and assign each die to one: Spirit, Endurance, and Skill. Name them.

Before setting out, create a single pool of tokens equalling the sum of the whole party’s Spirit scores.

To do something scary or challenging, spend 1 token; you and the GM each roll a d6. Group checks use a single roll that affects all participants. Depending on the circumstances, you may add a die and take the higher or lower. Rolls higher than the GM’s succeed. On a tie, you may spend a point of Skill to succeed; the GM determines the consequences for failure.

If the group runs out of Spirit, a character cannot go on; the party chooses which. The pool is refilled, without the Spirit of the fallen character.

If you become injured, exhausted, or spend time in pitch darkness, lose 1 Endurance. Upon reaching 0 Endurance, you die or are too hurt or demoralized to continue. Subtract your Spirit score from the pool.

If you come out with less than 100 gold per surviving character, you lose.

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