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Vestalia: Girls Just Want To Have Fun(ding) • 2017 rpg

Ludovico M. Alves • @delethiel;

This year’s stipend has arrived and every priestess wants to seize funding for their own projects! 
Grab a domino set, shuffle the tiles to form the boneyard.
Each Vestalis picks a number between 0 and 6. 
Title a card "stipend", then draw five checkboxes underneath.
Start each round by giving each Vestalis five tiles. 
Reveal all the doubles (same pips in both halves). 
The winner of the previous round or someone selected by lot picks one of the doubles or searches the boneyard for one.
The Vestalis whose number matches the pips and the one whose double was selected can write a project in an index card.
Clockwise, the Vestalis take turns matching tiles with those of the layout. If unable to do so, she picks tiles from the boneyard or skips her turn. 
If the sum of the pips of the open ends of the layout are multiples of five they can mark those number of points in any project card. If they had to pick from the boneyard, they must mark those in another Vestalis’ project.    
When a project gets 50 points, it is approved. Mark a stipend box. Celebrate. 
Game ends when there is no more stipend. 

Author Comments

I want to thank “System Mastery” for burying inside my head the idea of using dominoes as a resolution mechanic and making me keep trying to make it work. Check for an expanded fluff/additional clarification version of the game.

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