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Whip • 2017 rpg

Caitlynn Belle •

Two characters, stuck in a tense argument, too stupid to just stop and make up. Consider: angry lovers, unpleasant coworkers, jealous friends, bitter siblings, etc. Spend ten minutes fleshing out their relationship and naming the big problem you’re here talking about now.

Take turns – on your turn, accuse or say something about their character that they couldn’t possibly ignore. If they wish to respond, they have to suffer actual physical pain (the form of that pain is up to the two of you: smacks, shocks, riding crops) to the player before doing so. They may then take a turn, accusing or saying something of you, and if you wish to retaliate, you must also suffer that pain. Continue until one of you refuses. Shoot for spiteful, petty, inflammatory things, and angle it so that if you would just shut up and apologize, this would all go away.

Each player may refuse once for free, abandoning that argument then starting a new related one. Once all refusals are used up and someone refuses to suffer pain, they get to say what their character does or says instead and how it impacts the relationship. It probably won’t be great.

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