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Dragons and Dragons • 2017 rpg

Ben Kelly •

You are all dragons, you all have a base, and hoard. You can work together or compete with each other to increase your rule.

The game takes place on a world map filled with human rules kingdoms and cities that act as NPC’s.

Base Stats:
Distribute 40 points across stats.

Might: X5 for hitpoints, strength checks
Fright: Intimidation and resistance to mental attacks
Sight: Perception, visible tiles
Insight: Understanding and premonition skills
Flight: Move tiles per turn equals 3 + Flight, manoeuvring skill.
Bite: Bite and claw attacks
Light: Fire, Water, Lightning, Life breath attacks
Night: Necrotic, Corrosive, Psionic, Darkness breath attacks

Personality Traits:
Plight: Your goals and duty (rule particular area, rivalry with another dragon)
Delight: What your dragon hoards (rare artefacts, knowledge etc.)
Acolyte: Your dragons following (cultists, captured princesses etc.)
Spite: Something your dragon hates with a passion (filthy mortals, cats etc.)

Attacks, Skills and Contests:
Roll a d20, add relevant skill/ attack modifier. Roll twice and take highest if it’s working towards your personality traits. Can roll against humans or other players as contests (higher total wins), or against difficulty check.

On attacking, choose element, make contest roll, on win opponent takes modified total damage.

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