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Pantheon: A Game for Narcissists • 2017 rpg

Nora Blake •

You are gods. Start with a creation myth and take turns telling your tales of glory, but be mindful of the rules of myth. When you're done playing, tell the story of your world's end.

The Ruler's word is law. Only an enemy would oppose it directly.
The Spouse always has the Ruler's ear. Whether toxic or wise, all words have their limits.
The Warrior always decides who lives and dies. Death is not the end.
The Reaper always knows the truth of things. The strands of fate are never cut by mortal blades.
The Trickster will always do as they please. 

When the gods war on the earth below, describe your champion and how they fail. When the gods fight in the heavens above, take sides and declare what you lose. When the end comes and the light fades from this world, describe your final hope for the future.

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