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Steam Burst • 2017 rpg

Matthew Bernard • no link

Tools: 52 pack of cards, 10 D6s

Players are the crew of a steampunk mech in a scenario set by the GM.
The player roles are:
Arm Manipulator

Gm permanently removes 15 number cards, preferably high from some suits, low from others.
Each suit is a steam capacitor, each player chooses one.
Mech's furnace can be on or off.
If furnace is on, players start turn by drawing a card.
If card is number, place on that capacitor's pile.
If card is picture, that capacitor is now unusable.

When a player does something, GM decides on difficulty, 1-10 and rolls that many dice.
Player adds up their capacitor's cards.
Force Check:
If cards > dice, success

Dexterity Check:
If cards < dice, success

Precision Check
If cards are between values of two separate rolls, success.

Actions (2 per turn):
Swap 2 players capacitors
Change furnace state
State an action
Repair (Shuffle all cards back into deck)

Gm uses abstract time, combat initiative up to GM.
GM decides number and difficulty of D6 dice enemies use to attack.
If mech is hit, draw a card, discard top 3 cards of that capacitor.
Picture cards aren't discarded.

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