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The Life of Paul • 2017 rpg

Tony Obert • Galavantingink.wordpress.com

Life of Paul

The life of Paul is an interesting one. Everyday he wakes up and is thrust straight into an adventure. Everyday he dies. This repeats until the Fates (you) get bored. 

Using a 20 sided dice you control his fate. When you roll to determine how his day is going use a scale of 1-20. 1 is the worst outcome, 20 is the best. Paul is a mundane person with no negative or positive traits. 

Game play goes as follows
Paul wakes up…
Player rolls (6 not great).
Paul has a head ache.
Next player rolls… (16 very good)
But it is easily fixed with some water.
Next player rolls… (5 much worse)
The water was poison, he has 12 hours to find a cure.
And so on…

Players are encouraged to just give bullet points but longer descriptions are ok too.
Don’t take too long since the game is meant to be fairly fast paced and improv based. 
Every day of Pauls life begins with him waking up and ends with him dying or going to sleep (for continuity's sake). 

Author Comments

Some friends and I use to play this to kill time. It helped with on the fly thinking and made us laugh.

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