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Mercenaries from Anyworld • 2017 rpg

Tomasz Misterka •

It is RPG for 2-6 players. One is Troublemaker, rest are Mercenaries. They will travel through parallel dying worlds and rescue them.

What you need:
2d6 with different color (as example Black & White), paper, pencil.

Mercenary creation: 
-Choose Name.
-You have 5 attributes on level 0
add +2 to one and -1 to another:
     Mental Power

-Specialization: Choose one (swordfighting, cooking, spaceship flying etc.) on level 1.
-Vitality: 3+Strength+1d6
-Special Equipment: Describe one special item - unique for you.

Roll 2d6 against difficulty level. 
Result = Black - White + attribute closest to your action + specialization if appropriate.
     More: Passed
     Equal: Passed but something happens
     Less: Failed, something happens. If in battle, you are wounded remove the final difference from Vitality

Base difficulty level is 0

-Make quests for mercenaries
-Set proper difficulty level against their actions
-Add “colours” and “spices” to world.

-Travels through the worlds - in time and space, like in The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.
-“Repairs” the worlds by doing quests given by Troublemaker

World travel system:
-Troublemaker describe world around Mercenaries
-As they travel, they can change it (forest -> savanna)
-Troublemaker can change something else (blue sky -> red)

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