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Limbo, the otherworld • 2017 rpg

Rike Seco • no link

You see the grim silhouette of a man pushing a pole in a mechanical rhythm. You realize you are on a boat roaming across a river towards a misty shore. You realize you have died…
When you get to the shore the ferryman (and so the GM) raises his hand silently. How do you pay him? 
The player must actually hand anything in his current possession to the GM or maybe run away, but there will be consequences.
The ferryman leaves you and the mists thicken up. You hear horrible screams and sounds. How do you hide? 
The player must actually try to hide wherever in the room – if the GM can see any part of him without moving but his head, he is caught by a slaver and is locked in a cage (under the table, in a closet, etc).
Repeat this to every player alone. If they cannot hide they will just pile up in their small cell. Now the players that escaped can explore the Limbo and its horrors, while the players that where caged will be performing slave’s tasks (preparing snacks for the GM, for example). Eventually they may find each other. 
Enjoy the Otherworld.

Author Comments

Wish there where more words, so I could write 666. Whatever. Hope you like it.

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