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Those Last Moments • 2017 rpg

Senda Linaugh •

This is it. The moment you fell. The world is moving so fast and yet so slow as you fall — the moments before this one flashing before you — why did it have to be like this? You can see the bullet tracing the air next to you, but it doesn’t matter now, you’re dead when you hit the ground. 

You can play this game with friends as NPCs, or play alone in writing.

For each vignette, roll 1d6. If your result is 1-3, the problem intensifies in the scene. If you result is 4-6, you thought the problem was de-escalating (but find out later it wasn't). 

1. Relationship
Play out a moment representing how you know the person who caused this situation.

2. Regrets
Play out a scene illustrating what you regret most about your inevitable demise.

3. What happened?
Play out a scene illustrating how you ended up on that roof top. 

4. Falling
Play out a scene illustrating how you fell from the roof. 

5. The End
Roll 1d6. On 1-3, describe your last moments and how you hit the ground. On a 4-6, describe your miraculous salvation. 

Author Comments

Totally unplaytested! Definitely inspired by running five minute RPGs at conventions. Find more of me doing stuff with RPGs at,, and the occasional article on Gnome Stew.

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