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Caltrops • 2017 rpg

Jordan • no link

You are an expert thief with a trusty bag of caltrops who has (almost) completed a big heist. The guard chases you through the city, so escape or face capture. Choose a specialization which provides a dice pool of d4 and a special ability. 

1. Thief, 10d4. Spend a d4 to avoid combat. 
2. Swashbuckler, 8d4. Spend a d4 to parry and riposte. 
3. Arcane Trickster, 6d4. Spend a d4 to cast a minor illusion.
4. Assassin, 4d4. If Completely Successful on a kill, return a d4 to your pool

To complete a task, choose and roll a number of dice from your pool, then, count the number of fours (successes). Spend up to 2 successful d4 from the pool. 

0 – Failure
1 – Partially Successful
2 – Completely Successful

A “Flurry” occurs when one die remains, add all spent dice back to the pool then immediately roll them. On a failure, there is a major complication and you reduce your dice pool by half. Successes should be glorious and do not remove dice from the pool. Continue the chase. 

If your total dice pool is reduced to 1d4, you are captured. After two consecutive successful “Flurries” you escape. 

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