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Measured in Cups • 2017 rpg

Kate Hill & Chris Dragga • no link

Players: 2
Equipment: Gongfu tea brewing equipment.  Instructions are available here:

In this game you play two people moving through the entirety of a friendship (NOT romance). The feel is modern slice of life.  

Prepare the tea for steeping.  As you do this, decide:

Where do you first meet?
What draws you to the other person?
What are your mutual interests?

Begin :

Steep the tea.  The player who pours the tea starts the conversation, set during your character's first meeting.

You can only speak after taking a sip.  When speaking, you can say one sentence of dialogue and one of description.  Take turns sipping and speaking.

When the tea leaves open fully, end this scene.


Pause drinking.  Decide what you are doing together, around your shared interest, that you both have wanted to do for a long time.

This scene is the apex of your friendship.  Continue play as before.  End when the tea starts to taste hollow.


Pause drinking.  Decide together what caused your friendship to fade.

This is one of the last times you will see each other.  Continue play as before.  End when the tea has completely faded.

Author Comments

Credit to TwoDog of White2Tea for the excellent description of Gongfu on the cheap linked to in the game. Thanks to all the people who have listened to Chris and me bounce this idea off of them for a long time, especially Adam McConnaughey, Alex Carlson, Jason Morningstar, and James Stuart.

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