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Death by Chocolate • 2017 rpg

Greg Sweeney • https://twitter.com/gcsweeney

Game board and cards from the game Candyland
Piece representing each Child player.

Choose a player to be the murderous chocolate factory Owner. Other players are Children touring the factory. Each Child chooses a virtue and vice. Place pieces at Start.

The Owner describes each fantastical, candy-filled room of the factory and the deathtraps tailored to the Children's vices. The Children try to survive the rooms and escape the factory. The last Child left alive inherits the factory and lifelong nightmares.

Whenever a Child attempts something difficult/dangerous, they draw a card. If the card’s color matches their current space, they succeed.

If the card does not match their space, they may move forward to the next space of that color and succeed. 

If it's a double card, they must move forward two spaces of that color to succeed. 

If it's a location card, they may move to that location and succeed even if it is behind them. If they do, they also find an ally or item to help them.

If a Child draws a card and there aren’t enough spaces of that color ahead of them, they are killed in an ironic and candy-themed manner.

Author Comments

Thank you to my friend Tucker for his copy-editing skills. Check out his entry to this contest, European.

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