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Strongman: Authoritarian Fun For 3+ Players • 2017 rpg

Andrew Trent •

Each player is the Authoritarian ruler of their own country. On your turn you will announce a new Policy for your country. Will you require a certain minority to register with your government? Remove some group of undesirables from your voting rolls? Whatever you choose, be aggressive. Be strong.

During your turn, the other players represent your Parliament and must indicate whether they protest or support your decree. They do this by simultaneously dropping or not dropping a token, chosen in secret, with the following results:

0 protests - Score a point; Announce another Policy
1 protest - The protesting swine is sent to the Gulag; Announce another Policy
2+ protests - Parliament's loyalty is weak; Your turn ends
100% protest - You are Overthrown; Your turn ends

Parliamentarians sent to the Gulag lose their next Announcing turn and voting eligibility for the remainder of the current turn.

If you are Overthrown you lose all your accumulated points.

One Parliamentarian Left
When only one Parliamentarian remains eligible to vote, you receive a 3 point bonus for stifling the opposition. Your turn ends.

The first to reach 13 points is embraced as Big Brother, beloved by his people. Everyone else loses.

Author Comments

Dark times call for dark humor.

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