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Sync • 2017 rpg

Pete Woodworth •

You have memories and feelings you don’t want, but thanks to the revolutionary Sync process, you can change that!+ 

Sync is best with 4+ players in a plain, live action form. 

Each player begins with 2 Memories, 2 Emotions, 1 Goal. All Memories and Emotions should be created collectively, so Goals are attainable. 

- A Memory is a specific event, e.g., “My father’s death.”

- An Emotion is a feeling. Default Emotion List: Anger, Joy, Sorrow, Fear, Desire. Add more if you like.

- Each Memory has 1 Emotion associated with it to start.

- A Goal is the Memory/Emotion combination the character most desires. For example, “My father’s death/Sorrow.”  You cannot begin with both parts. 

Each Session, a player may Bond with one or two players. This allows transfer of 1 Memory or 1 Emotion for each player. For example, one player in the Bond may pass Sorrow to the other, while the other player gives her “Wedding day” memory. All parties must share. 

Sync sharing is as emotional and intimate as it sounds. Be brave.

Bonds cannot be forced. Be persuasive. 

There are 3 Sessions per Sync cycle, 15 minutes each. 

+Satisfaction not guaranteed. 

Author Comments

Well, this was fun! Thanks for the heads up, Jax!

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