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Magistrate Maggie • 2017 rpg •

Small claims court RPG

Each player writes down 2 nouns and a past tense verb on separate pieces of folded paper. The nouns should be something a person could own, take care of, or be.  Shuffle all of the nouns and verbs in separate piles.  The oldest player will be Magistrate Maggie (MM) for the first case.

Draw 2 nouns and a verb, fill out this mad-lib: “The defendant's [_noun_] [_verbed_] the plaintiff’s [_noun_].”  Adjust as necessary

Have the remaining players split into 2 teams, defendant and plaintiff.   

Each player will write a piece of evidence on a folded paper.  Shuffle these and redistribute amongst the players.

MM is the arbiter of the case. She can cut off statements and detect lies.  If MM says you are lying, you are. Try your best to recover.

Plaintiff team makes the first statement, then Defendants present their side of the case.  Teams take turns presenting each player's evidence.  After all evidence is presented, MM will make her decision.  Each member of the winning team scores a point.

Choose a player to be MM and start from the top.  After each player has been MM, the players with the most successful cases win.

Author Comments

Thanks to my co-workers for listening to me ramble on about ideas for this game, and talking me through the concept.

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