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The People You Meet On The Graveyard Shift • 2017 rpg

Jerome Pfitzner • no link

You work a dead-end job - shelf-stocker, burger-flipper, roadie. You're miserable, but you still hold on to something.

Tell everyone your job, tell them why you hate it, and tell them why you continue. Your name is optional.

You have three Traits - Hungry, Tired, and Poor. Each starts as a d8. Write down three things that are OK about life - these are your Holds.

Whenever one of your Traits come up, roll it. If you rolled a 3-, reduce that Trait's die by one step. If you rolled a 6+, tell everyone how that Trait screws you over, and increase that trait's die by one step - if it's a d12, treat the roll as a 9+ instead.

If you rolled a 9+, cross out a Hold. If all of your Holds are crossed out, you leave the game - commit suicide, go postal, whatever.

If a Trait would be reduced below a d4, remove it from your character. Whenever someone reaches out to you, you can replace a crossed-out Hold - this can be good or bad.


One player is the Boss - they describe the world, and should be cruel to the other players. They don’t have Traits or Holds, and never roll.

Author Comments

I… don’t think that this game is terribly fun. I’m writing this from experience - the graveyard shift is miserable, especially at minimum wage.

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