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Caution: Hot! • 2017 rpg

Solomon Key • no link

A semi-cooperative game for two players.

Make some tea.

While the tea's brewing:
    Together, think of two people (one per player) who're in a new relationship.
        In broad strokes, outline setting, situation, people.
    Individually, think about your character some more, add details.
        Write down four different long-term goals: Two life goals, two relationship goals.

Keep your goals secret!

The game's objects:
    Firstly, enjoy your tea.
    Secondly, fulfill at least seven goals.

When tea's served, take turns.
On YOUR turn:
    If no tea's left or it's gotten too cold to enjoy:
        Game over. Narrate an epilogue together (apart?); incorporate your (un)fulfilled goals.
    Else, let your tea cool/drink/refill your cup. Sketch a scene about one thing from the corresponding list (who/where/when/what/how/why).
        Either let your tea cool:
            - Spend time together.
            - They come closer to a revealed goal.
        Or drink from your cup:
            - Spend time with others.
            - They reveal a goal, then erase it. They write a new secret goal (they decide, no restrictions).
        Or refill your cup:
            - Spend time alone.
            - They reveal a goal.

On THEIR turn:
        drink from your cup, listening quietly.
        add to/change their narration, but don't drink.

Author Comments

(a) The game can be played with more than two players, but that’d take more tea and more words. I encourage players to experiment with different cup sizes (per player?) and different kinds of tea. (b) Narrative authority is deliberately fuzzy. “Metagaming” is also encouraged. (c) My Google+ profile link was too long for the “link” bit, so I’m putting it here:

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