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Dreamcard • 2017 rpg

Philipp • https://twitter.com/theJotne

You play a shared dream

there are 4 segments of dreams. logical, illogical, real and surreal. 
When you start a game every player writes two cards from each of this segments, this could be a word or sentence even a drawing or painting. The youngest player start with „suddenly i fall in the void where all dreams are born and...“ then he plays his first card and tells what happened. The other players can play there cards after 5 sentences the player says(he may talk more and maybe no one wants to interrupt him but he must have at least 5 sentence where no one interrupts him).
The rule for playing cards is simple, if the current  card is logical or real you only can play surreal or illogical. The game ends with the last card and the last sentence start with „and in the last moment before i lived again i...“ and ends with „and then i wake up“

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