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Road Trip • 2017 rpg

Adam Brenner •

Road Trip
Three to five players, one or more d6, and some way to take notes and mark progress
1) Group decides the details of the journey. At a minimum: details of the five stops, vehicle, and destination.
2) Pick a driver. The driver picked you up and knows who you are.
3) Everyone else rolls a trait, tells the driver, and determines what this means by themselves. 
Your trait allows or disallows the driver to use their trait move next turn, overwriting the last change.
4)Turns start with the driver, and one at a time players tell part of the story at or between stops with whomever they like, engaging their trait move or not.
Go until you reach your destination or can no longer travel.

Driver: Reach the next stop if you are able.
1 – First Choice: Recall something nice you did with the driver. Allow.
2 – Hitchhiker: Your past comes up. Allow or disallow.
3 – Illness: Sickness comes up. Disallow.
4 – Black Cat: Your bad luck strikes. Disallow.
5 – Impatient: Tell everyone why you can’t wait. Allow.
6 – Weird: Be as weird as you want. Allow or disallow.

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