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What The #@*$ Happened Last Night? • 2017 rpg

Paolo Jose Cruz • sites.google.com/site/paolojcruz

A modern urban storytelling game for 3 to 6 players.

* Choose a group bond: College buddies? Coworkers? Extended family?

* Agree on tone: Surreal? Gritty? Wacky? This matters!

* Everyone wakes up in a daze after a crazy night out.

* “Where are we?” Jail cell? Hotel suite? Stranger’s house? 

* Each player gets 10 poker chips representing memory blocks. 

* The player who vomited most recently starts.


* Take turns piecing together your experiences. Figure out the sequence of events, in reverse chronological order.

~ "Last thing I remember we..."
~ "Oh! And before that we..."

* Every scenario should be 2 or 3 sentences featuring a particular event, person, location, or thing.

* Each scenario removes one memory block.

* A player's turn ends when…

~ They lag 5 seconds between scenarios.
~ Their scenario is too far-fetched for the current narrative - others call bullshit!

* That player adds one memory block and the next player takes over.

* The game ends when a player loses all their memory blocks - they remember how the night actually began!

* Optional: "Who's calling?" When a player first reaches 5 memory blocks, someone calls their mobile phone. Roll 1d6.

6 - Pimp
5 - Priest
4 - Dealer
3 - Stripper
2 - Officer
1 - Gangster

Author Comments

Recommended if you like: Aye, Dark Overlord! meets Dude, Where’s My Car?, Fiasco crossed with Once Upon A Time

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