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Micro Kittens • 2017 rpg

Stentor Danielson •

3-5 players

You are a kitten who wants to get adopted from the Humane Society. Pick a description of why you should be adopted (fluffy, cuddly, playful, tiny, polydactyl) and a description of why you haven’t been adopted yet (dirty, skittish, old, aggressive, sick).

Roll 5d6. Keep them -- this is your pool.

Pick someone to be the active player. When you’re the active player, frame a scene in which you act. Other players portray other characters in the scene.

When you do something ADORABLE in one of the categories below, place a die next to it, as long as it’s different in number from the other dice already there. If you act according to one of your descriptions in this scene, you may re-roll one die from your pool before selecting one to place.





The player to your right invents a complication based on your die’s number as follows:

1: Someone gets hurt
2: Someone gets in trouble
3: Something gets lost
4: Something breaks
5: Someone new arrives
6: Something brings bad news

The player to your left now becomes the active player.

When you have done four adorable things, tell who adopted you.

Author Comments

Shoutout to all of the alumni of the Knoll St School for Wayward Kittens for the inspiration. I hope you are enjoying your forever homes!

Game design inspirations include Fiasco, A Tragedy in Five Acts, The Quiet Year, The Companion’s Tale, the PbtA family, and Alien Frontiers.

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